Ashes to Easter Week 5 – Rejection

Ps. 118 says, “The stone which the builder’s rejected has become the chief corner-stone.”

What kind of stone gets rejected? A misshapen one? One that’s the wrong size? One that can’t be cut?

Is that what people thought about Jesus? That he and his message were misshapen, the wrong size or unbreakable?

Because they did the same thing to him that they would with a useless stone – rejection.

Our reflection this week considers how Jesus responds to this rejection? With forgiveness. And the music is “In Christ Alone” by Stuart Townsend.


When, or where, have you seen rejection take place? Why did it happen? Wanneer of waar, heb jij afwijzing zien plaatsvinden? Waarom is het gebeurd?

What do we need if we’ve experienced rejection? Wat hebben we nodig als we afwijzing hebben ervaren?

Who are people in the world today who have been rejected? How can we respond to them? Wie zijn de mensen in de wereld vandaag, die afgewezen zijn? Hoe kunnen wij op hen reageren?

Ashes to Easter Week 4 – Jesus

We are half way through Lent now. We are fast approaching “the main event”, Easter.

Let us take a moment to look at Jesus.

Jesus, brother to all of us, fully man and fully God, redeemer, saviour and advocate to use a few of the names given to him.

The reflection this week is offered by Jane Randells and our music is “At the name of Jesus” by the Celebration Choir.Wk4 A2E – Jesus

who is jesus

Have you ever met with Jesus? What was it like? How did it happen? Heb je ooit Jezus echt ontmoet? Hoe was het? Wat is er gebeurd?

Where would you expect to meet Jesus today? And why? Waar verwacht jij vandaag Jezus tegen te komen? En waarom?

If you could spend a day with Jesus, what would you do together? What would you see? What would you like to speak about with him? Als jij een dag met Jezus zou kunnen doorbrengen, wat zou je samen doen? Wat zullen jullie zien? Waar zou je graag met hem over praten?

Ashes to Easter Week 3 – Promises and Vows Reflection

Sometimes God makes laughable promises, like the ones made to Abraham & Sarah.

Other times God makes promises that make us want to cry, like Jesus promising to die on a cross.

Our music this week is the famous hymn “Great is Thy faithfulness” performed by Selah.

covenant of grace rainbow

What are the most important promises you’ve ever made? Wat zijn de meest belangrijke beloften die jij ooit hebt gemaakt?

What promise would you make to God? (tip: keep it small & simple, maybe for just one day – you can always try again tomorrow!) Wat is een belofte die jij aan God wil maken? (tip: doe maar iets klein en eenvoudig, misschien iets voor maar één dag – je mag altijd morgen opnieuw proberen!)

 What’s an example of a promise God has fulfilled in your life? Wat is een voorbeeld van een belofte die God in jouw leven heeft voldaan?