Ashes to Easter week 6 – Sacrifice

Parents are said to make sacrifices for their children: working longer hours, saving money, moving elsewhere in order to have better prospects for the future.

Sacrifices were used to try and remove their guilt and sin. They were also used to give thanks

Jesus is called the lamb of God and the true Passover lamb, we remember his sacrifice every time that we share in Holy Communion at Church. Which means that through his sacrifice each of us, regardless of who or what we are, are  called, welcomed, wanted in the presence of God.

Our sacrifice in response to what Jesus has done for us, is, with the power of the Holy Spirit, to live lives that reflect the love of Jesus onto those around us and to give praise and prayers at all times and in all places.

Our scripture this week comes from Isaiah 50:4-9a. The Reflection is provided by Jane Randells and our music is “When I survey the wondrous cross” by Kathryn Scott.

Jesus sacrifice

Parents often make sacrifices for their children. Why? And since we call God “Father” what can we learn about the sacrifices God makes for us? Ouders offeren vaak dingen op voor hun kinderen. Waarom? Aangezien we God ‘Vader’ noemen wat leren we dan over de offers die God voor ons maakt?

 What kind of sacrifices do you think God wants from us? What could we offer God? Welke soort offers denk jij dat God van ons wil? Wat hebben wij God te bieden?

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